Tania had trained for medicine before acting, she fled to Canada to avoid marriage

It is common for someone to run away from their marriage. Often this happens in the adventure of a girl or a boy, but the beauty of our story did not happen like this in the adventure of a boy or a girl. Now if you want to know the reason behind her decision then read this entire report in one go… Actually, we are talking about the lovely Haseena Tania from the Punjabi film industry. Today is Tania’s birthday, so we present to you her life.

Born on 6th May 1993 in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Tania’s parents are from Punjab. In such a situation, Tania’s childhood was spent in Amritsar and education was also done only in Punjab. Tania, who specializes in plundering the hearts of fans with her beauty, has done such things in her life that still amaze everyone. Tania has driven millions of people crazy with her acting, beauty and her cute smile. Her acting got her in the movie ‘Sufna’.

Stories of girls running away to avoid marriage are common in Indian families. Tanya did the same. In reality, her family members were pressuring him to get married. In such a situation, Tania left India and fled to Canada. This was revealed by Tania herself in an interview. He said: ‘My parents didn’t want me to act, but then they allowed me to have a career in this field. However, her condition was that she should complete graduation and postgraduate studies. Actually after graduating from Chandigarh, Tania went to Canada for PG. Tania said that if I had stayed in India, I definitely would have gotten married. My parents believed that if my focus was on studies, I would move away from acting, but that was not the case.

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Significantly, after six years of study, Tania fulfilled her acting dream. After this, her parents also agreed. Please say that Tania is also very good at studies. She has also given medical input. Actually, Tania’s father wanted her daughter to be a doctor, but Tania made acting her career.

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