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Tamadoge catches up with Dogelon Mars on CoinMarketCap – will new meme coin surpass Shiba Inu next?

Tamadoge catches up with Dogelon Mars on CoinMarketCap - will new meme coin surpass Shiba Inu next?

Last week there were some positives again on the crypto market that has been under pressure for a long time. Some crypto coins managed to show increases in the price again that we know from better times in the crypto world.

Those rising crypto coins also included one meme coin; Tamadoge. That meme coin is going faster than many investors expect and rose by 1,000% in a few days.

Tamadoge crushes other meme coins

There are actually two major meme coins at the moment; Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. These coins have a multi-billion dollar market value and seem out of reach for new cryptocurrencies to catch up.

tamadoge has risen so much that it has already overtaken a lot of other meme coins when you consider the total market value. At its peak, the Tamadoge project was worth around €200 million last week.

With that, it has already placed itself behind the two crypto coins mentioned in the ranking of most valuable meme coins. The number 3 before this was Dogelon Mars, which currently has a market value of about 140 million euros.

First meme coin with real application?

The interest in Tamadoge does not come out of nowhere, the coin was also one of the most popular in the presale most popular crypto coins. It managed to raise $19 million in just 8 weeks.

That interest probably comes from the combination that Tamadoge has developed between a meme coin and a Play-to-Earn platform. This gives the meme coin a real application, something that almost all other meme coins lack.

Initially, meme coins were really released as a joke, sometimes as a parody on the crypto market or just to see what can happen with such a coin.

As for Dogecoin, it may just be the other meme coin with an application. Elon Musk wants to offer the coin as a payment method for buying merchandise from his companies Tesla and SpaceX.

In addition, Elon Musk seems to be buying Twitter and there is a chance that Dogecoin will become the ‘native token’ of Twitter. This means that the coin will be used for all transactions on the popular social media platform.

Tamadoge is therefore already one step ahead of the largest meme coin in the world when it comes to an application of the coin.

List after listing push Tamadoge up

An important reason why Tamadoge has already risen in price so soon after the end of the presale is the first listing of the coin. Just days after the presale completely sold out, the coin became available on the OKX exchange.

This exchange has grown strongly in recent years and is adding new features to the platform at a rapid pace. With that, it has also become a very popular exchange in a short time and was an excellent choice for Tamadoge.

Only OKX is of course not enough and Tamadoge quickly found more exchanges where they could go. This is how the coin ended up on the decentralized platform of OKX (OKX DEX) and on Uniswap.

Listings on central exchanges LBank, MEXC, BKEX and more followed later. The next listing has also been announced and the team is actively working with other major exchanges such as Binance.

What’s next for Tamadoge?

In addition to the listings, there are many more developments at Tamadoge, the first 100 Tamadoge NFTs were released this week. These NFTs play an important role within the Tamadoge network.

To participate in the Play-to-Earn games you need your own Tamadoge that is packaged as NFT. The first 100 Tamadoge NFTs are very rare variants with better stats and unique features.

In addition to the NFTs, Tamadoge comes with a lot more. For example, an own metaverse is being developed and there will be a wide range of Play-to-Earn games. These all have yet to be announced and released, which in turn can cause significant price increases!

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