Home Sports Talleres surpassed Platense and remains at the top

Talleres surpassed Platense and remains at the top

Talleres surpassed Platense and remains at the top

Talleres de Córdoba added another victory by beating Platense 2-1 at home, and continues to share the leadership of the Professional Football League competition with Lanús, which surpassed Independiente at the start of the eleventh date.

The goals, all in the second half, were converted by Héctor Fértoli and Carlos Auzqui for the winner, while Augusto Schott achieved a temporary draw for the visitor.

The Cordobes continue with Lanús in the first position with 23 points, and also has eight games without losses (six wins and two draws), consolidating as a firm candidate to fight for the title.

In the afternoon of Mario Alberto Kempes, the local came out to be the protagonist from the start, and after three minutes he had the first clear chance, but Rodrigo Villagra finished from the top. Then the visitor matched the process, which was very difficult in the first half and without great chances near the arches.

One by Brian Mansilla for the visitor, which was well contained by Guido Herrera, and one that Retegui wasted for the local after assistance from Auzqui, were the only opportunities that both had in the rest of the first half.

In the first minute of the complement, Talleres added many people in attack, and after a rebound the ball was left to Diego Valoyes on the right, the Colombian reached the bottom and threw a center back that found Fértoli, who settled in front with his leg left the ball next to a stick putting the local in advantage.

Platense tied it after five minutes through Schott, in a personal move that ended with a cross shot after recovering the ball in the middle when he took away Enzo Díaz.

A great combination between Valoyes and Auzqui, which resulted in a clear center for Retegui, could have given the local advantage again, but the header of the former Boca and Estudiantes was notably contained by goalkeeper Luis Ojeda.

Later it was Platense who lost his chance, and this time it was Herrera who contained a shot from Iván Gómez.

In that round trip came another action for the local and Auzqui’s goal. After a center from Díaz the ball was left to the right to former Estudiantes, River and Lanús, who settled it on the chest and with a powerful shot overcame Ojeda’s resistance to establish the 2 to 1.

That initial quarter of an hour in the second half with a pure goal marked an intensity that was not maintained in the remainder of the game, since the local managed the match times and bet on some against to liquidate it.

But the runs of the fast local forwards did not have a good ending, while those of Leonardo Madelón did not have football arguments to violate the strong local last line, who clung to victory and dreams of continuing in the privileged positions.


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