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Talleres beat Argentinos and reached the top

Talleres came to their match against Argentinos Juniors as one of the most regular teams in the tournament of the Professional Football League, which closed its eighth presentation. As a visitor at La Paternal and with the pressure of climbing to that point that was eluded both Independiente and Racing on this date, those led by Alexander Medina fulfilled and rose with the dreamed objective: to win and, with the 2-1, climb to the top of the contest.

Both started the match at Diego Armando Maradona with the intention of joining the first platoon of the standings and, Although the two teams specialize in exerting high pressure, that of the Cordovan cast was suffocating and had Héctor Fértoli, Carlos Auzqui and Rodrigo Villagra showing up to receive the ball.

Workshops intensity paid off after 29 minutes, when between Julián Malatini and Auzqui they won a side and the former River put in a center that was badly rejected and fell to Fertoli, who with great quality put it on the head of Enzo Díaz. The defender emerged in Agropecuario – observed by the manager of the Argentine National Team, Lionel Scaloni – won in the jump and converted the 1-0.

The goal favored the Uruguayan coach’s team: his team was ready for the counterattack taking advantage of the speed of Auzqui and Mateo Retegui and the ability of Michael Santos to receive from behind and win in his fight with Carlos Quintana and Miguel Ángel Torren, a panorama that he turned goalkeeper Guido Herrera into a spectator and found Talleres managing the match times.

In the second half, the Cordovan cast kept up the pressure and took advantage of it again after 10 minutes, when Retegui stole a ball near the middle of the court and yielded to Santos, who defined with great quality and power to put a 2-0 that corresponded with what happened in the afternoon of La Paternal.

Gabriel Milito moved the substitute bench, arranged an offensive midfield and saw how his reading gave him results on the playing field, when a collective maneuver left the ball served to Jonathan Gómez, who converted the discount with a powerful shot. Argentinos ended up cornering Talleres, but the advantage had already been arranged and Nobody could prevent the defeat or the clean and jerk of the Cordoba team to seal their fourth straight victory and reach the top of the tournament.


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