Talks between Taliban and US end in Doha

A two-day meeting between US and Islamic Emirate delegates in Doha ended on Sunday in which the two sides discussed various issues.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry welcomed the US offer of assistance and said it would co-operate with local authorities and aid groups, but that such assistance should not be linked to political issues.

According to the spokesman, the two sides discussed a number of issues, including political issues.

The statement said that the Islamic Emirate reiterated the full implementation of the Doha Agreement, adding that its implementation was the best way to resolve the issues.

During the meeting, all relevant issues were discussed in detail and efforts were made to restore diplomatic relations.

The talks focused on security, counterterrorism, human rights and the provision of safe passage for US citizens and Afghans fleeing Afghanistan, State Department spokesman Ned Price said Sunday.

According to the spokesperson, the participation of Afghan women in social and political life was also discussed.

Spokesman Ned Price described the talks as “clear and positive” and said the United States would continue to provide assistance to Afghanistan and deliver it directly to those in need. According to the spokesman, the US delegation made it clear to the Taliban that the US would not believe the Taliban’s words but would take a decision after taking practical steps.


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