Taliban set to announce new government

An announcement expected both in Afghanistan and in the West. On September 3, the Taliban are to announce the formation of their first government after taking power on August 15.

The armed group did not wish to make the announcement while foreign armed forces were still on Afghan soil. While the last American soldiers left on Monday, August 30, the field was free. The revelation of the named should therefore take place after the Friday prayer.

Barring a huge surprise, no woman should be part of the government team. A situation that angered some Afghan women, to the point that several of them publicly protested on September 2.

The Taliban had promised that the government would still be “inclusive”, which means that movements other than that of the fundamentalist armed group could be represented. A promise renewed by Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, head of their political office in Qatar.

Avoid becoming outcasts

In the West, the concern stems from the face that will be shown by the Taliban once they actually begin to rule. During their previous seizure of power in 1996, all opposition was suppressed, public executions took place in stadiums and women were absent from public space. But the armed group promised to be more moderate, in particular by respecting the rights of women.

These statements do not convince in Europe or the United States. For example, Jean-Yves Le Drian had threatened to make the country a pariah state if the Taliban did not respect human rights and if they did not officially sever all their relations with al-Qaida. It is likely that the Taliban will not seek to isolate itself, as they must rebuild a crumbling economy and avoid a humanitarian crisis.

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