Taliban patrol Chinook helicopter workshop, video goes viral

KABUL: A video of a Taliban patrol in a hangar of US Chinook helicopters at Hamid Karzai Airport has gone viral.

According to details, after the complete withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban entered Kabul Airport and inspected the workshop of US helicopters stationed at the airport.

Video of the incident went viral on social media, showing the Taliban’s 313rd Badri unit entering the hangar of Chinook helicopters at the airport.

It can be seen in the video that several helicopters are present in the hangar, while the Taliban official is giving information about the hangar in the video.

Strange move by US troops leaving Kabul airport

It should be noted that US officials have claimed that before leaving the airport, US troops had made the valuable equipment there unusable, including planes, vehicles and weapons.

According to the report, US military forces have defused 73 aircraft and 70 armored vehicles (MRAPs). According to US military officials, the defunct aircraft will never be able to fly, nor will anyone be able to use them. Officials say each of the vehicles that were decommissioned cost about ایک 1 million.


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