Taliban Occupation of Kabul, Major British Announcement

According to media reports, the British prime minister has hinted that he will not surrender to the new government in Afghanistan. Boris Johnson says the situation in Afghanistan appears to be deteriorating further.

“Nobody wants Afghanistan to be a hotbed of terrorism. We will not recognize a new government without an agreement,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

On the other hand, the situation in Afghanistan will be discussed in parliament on Wednesday.

It should be noted that the Taliban have taken control of the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul and the Islamic Emirate will soon be declared.

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According to a spokesman for the Afghan Taliban, the leaders of the Taliban Military Commission are present in the presidential palace. The leaders of the Taliban Military Commission will announce the Islamic Emirate.

On the other hand, a coordinating council has been created in Kabul, made up of Hamid Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The coordinating council has been created after Ashraf Ghani and government officials left Kabul to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

The Taliban have also announced a general amnesty for Afghan officials and troops and have ensured that no retaliation will be taken against anyone.

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