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Taliban announce professional Afghan army

KABUL: Afghanistan’s new Taliban government has formally announced the formation of a professional army, with Afghan Army Chief Qari Fasihuddin saying the army will protect the country’s borders.

According to Qari Fasihuddin’s statement, the Afghan army chief added that the new army would consist of qualified officers, including soldiers from the previous government, and that those fighting the Taliban would be dealt with severely.

“People who are trained and professional will be able to be used in our new army. We hope that this army will be formed in the near future,” he said.

According to a local Afghan newspaper, a meeting was held in Kabul yesterday in which Qari Fasihuddin did not mention the anti-Taliban coalition in Panjshir.

But he said action would be taken against those who fought the Taliban in the name of race, resistance and defense of democracy.

It should be noted that the Taliban had claimed full control of Panjshir last week while denying any civilian casualties in the fighting.


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