“Talent is not better for being female, but it is not less for being female either”

In this edition of Shecommerce we speak with Yolanda Tomico Del Río, Managing Director of NETIN CLUB, a network of clubs private investors with a presence in 15 Spanish cities and that is in full national and international expansion. Yolanda is an executive with extensive experience in the world of finance, who has worked in recent years in companies both in Spain and abroad.

The world of investments is an exciting world. Of risk, of successes, of failures, of learning. There are many adjectives that can be given to a sector traditionally dominated by men, but in which women, as in all areas of life, are increasingly present. Yolanda Thomas is a clear example of it. An engineer and a graduate in economics, she is passionate about finances He has worked in recent years in companies both Spanish and abroad. She is now like Managing Director at NETTING CLUBa network of private investors with a presence in 15 Spanish cities and that is in full national and international expansion.

The objective of NETING CLUB, as detailed in its bases, is to collaborate with the economic growth of the regions in which they are located, supporting projects based on traditional and local economy, as well as digital and technological, at any stage of development. They put business projects in contact with possible investors who can give them the economic boost they need. Yolanda gives us more details about the initiative, which currently represents her “almost 100% of his time” as he explains to us at the beginning of the interview. NETIN CLUB is currently in Córdoba, where the project was born, in Málaga, Huelva, Coruña, Pontevedra, Lugo, Ourense, Seville, Toledo, the Balearic Islands, Granada, Valencia, Barcelona and Costa del Sol.

“Our associates look for interesting projects in which to invest. But going a little further, apart from obviously looking for profitability, they are looking for another business venture in which to get involved. Sometimes with capital, but other times you can add a lot with talent, with a network of contacts…there are many ways to collaborate” explains us Yolanda. With all this, they have managed to bring together the entrepreneurial world, which is in need of investment, and the business world, which is eager to find new initiatives, projects and knowledge.

At this point, and being in the Shecommerce section, we ask about the role of women in the entire NETIN CLUB investment ecosystem, because they play an increasingly important role not only in this world but in society in general. “Perhaps I am not as politically correct as I should be when I say this, but the reality is that at NETIN CLUB we do not give any special treatment to projects that come from women, but not because it simply has not been necessary. Entrepreneurial women arrive fully prepared both technically and in terms of knowledge. They come up with great ideas and have teams that support projects to spare. We do not have to give them any special treatment. They don’t need it, they are real fighters, just like men” adds the executive.

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Yolanda’s opinion about the capacities of women is clear, and very far from some terms that are read in certain more victimizing environments. For her, “Women have a lot of opportunities and capabilities. My opinion is that talent is not better for being female, but neither is it less for being female. We are in a world in which every day it is shown that a woman is not better than being a woman, but because she has more talent or has more capacity ” our interviewee reflects emphatically. It is a brave opinion, with very solid arguments and that should serve to continue growing this trend.

A topic that is of great interest to women today, in fact to all families, is the reconciliation between work and personal lives. For a long time now, it has been working from different spheres, social above all, on improving conciliation for women, in order to be able to grow professionally and at the same time enjoy family life and care for their children. In the case of Yolanda, this has been a point in which both her husband and she decided to design a strategy in which they wanted to prioritize their professional careers. “We made a pact in which we have been forced to understand each other and organize ourselves. And from there the conciliation has arisen. I always say that I am perfectly reconciled, but it is that I would not be happy being so. I have sought and managed to dedicate to each one of the parts of my life the time that satisfies me. My son doesn’t miss his mom at home because his mom has never been homeYolanda explains clearly and decisively.

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