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Take Kubo self-discards

The Mallorcan forward Take Kubo has set off all the alarms through his statements on his Instagram account.

The Japanese footballer was substituted at halftime in the match played at the Bernabéu and ended with a 6-1 win for the White.

Initially, there was talk of a blow to one knee, although later, his image returning to the concentration hotel leaning on crutches showed that perhaps it was something more than a blow.

The rumor mill already points to a possible meniscus injury, although the Balearic club has not notified any medical report. However, the player’s own statements on his Instagram account are, to say the least, striking:

“Unfortunately, yesterday I suffered an injury to my knee in a set of the game in the first half that will take me off the pitch for some time, although it is not serious. It hurts not to be able to help the team on the pitch, but now it’s time encourage my colleagues from outside and work to come back stronger “. In the absence of an official medical report, this is the part of Take Kubo himself that points to a loss of several games ahead.

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