Take Kubo rejects a 160 million offer from Al Hilal

Saudi Arabia continues to point its financial cannons at European football. The economy of the country’s Sovereign Fund (PIF) allows the clubs protected under its broad umbrella to make astronomical offers. One of the last exorbitant bets has reached him Take Kubo. Riyadh’s Al Hilal moved him a dizzying proposition: 40 million per season for four years. In total, 160 million euros net.

The 22-year-old Japanese from Real Sociedad did not consider the possibility of accepting, despite the astronomical figures that were raised in an operation that also It implied paying the termination clause of 60 million, a requirement that the Arab club also accepted. The amount of the transfer would have risen to 220 million euros. Of the 60 million in the clause, half would correspond to Real Madrid by contract, although the six that Real Sociedad paid for his transfer would have to be subtracted. That is to say, 24 million would have arrived from that hypothetical sale.

Kubo has had no doubts. Is young, has found in San Sebastián its habitat to grow and money is not the priority in his career right now. Napoli, interested in the Japanese, has not made a move precisely because of the high cost that the operation would imply. Real Madrid has not called him at any time or his agent. He doesn’t have him.

Al Hilal does not cease in his million-dollar efforts to strengthen a squad that has incorporated Ruben Neves already Koulibaly. The bench also needs a tenant, but Spalletti, Mourinho and Allegri have rejected a proposal of 20 million net for three seasons. The Saudi steamroller still finds walls it cannot break down.

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