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Take Kubo has a special price for Real Madrid

The appointment of the Japanese attacker to the San Sebastian team has raised a number of doubts in the White House, as we remember that Florentino Pérez still owns 50% of the sports rights

It is true that Real Madrid did not value Japanese attacker Take Kubo, nor do they hide their regret at having him back. However, on the day they signed their departure to Real Sociedad, they only agreed to sell 50% of their sports rights. This with the guarantee of winning back the Asian star or receiving half of the proceeds for a future sale.

Now that Take Kubo has earned the status of an untouchable player for the Reala team, he is increasingly being viewed as a potential new signing at Real Madrid. However, his recovery requires a heavy financial toll as he has just extended a contract with the Basque team until 2029.. So that the termination clause of 60 million eurosit holds.

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Take Kubo has a clause of 60 million euros. So if Real Madrid want to bring him back, they will have to pay 30 kilos.

Invest 30 or earn 30 million euros, Real Madrid’s decision with Take Kubo

There is a problem at the Merengue Club that is being resolved between the sports management, the president’s office and the coaching staff. The first option is to sign the Japanese winger as his level is within standards to play an important role in Carlo Ancelott’s plan.Yo. Since you have 50% of your pass, you only have to pay 30 kilos.

But if they want to make money with Take Kubo, this maneuver will require patience. In simpler words: The Madridista team will have to wait for a club that decides to pay the Japanese star’s clause, which is 60 million euros. 30 of them will go to the coffers of the Txuri Urdin team and the other 30 to those of the Merengue club.

The Premier League team that would be interested in taking Kubo while Real Madrid are watching

If Florentino Pérez decides that the player does not fit into the team’s tactical approaches and they prefer the opportunity to make money, Then you will be interested to know that Liverpool follows the Japanese pearl. For months, the English team’s scouts have been attending Real Sociedad games to collect data about the footballer.

It is well known that the British team would have no problems paying the 60 million euros for the signing of Take Kubo. Something they see as positive at Real Madrid, but not so much in the San Sebastian squad. However, the player’s environment will also have the right to decide where to play in the 2024-25 season.

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