Taiwan to buy 400 US Harpoon anti-ship missiles

Taiwan will buy 400 US Harpoon surface-to-ship missiles to repel a possible Chinese maritime attack and will thus complete an agreement already approved by the US Congress in 2020, according to sources cited by the Bloomberg news agency.

The island already has in its arsenal the version of the Harpoon that is launched from ships manufactured by Boeing. Now a Boeing contract signed with the Air Naval Systems Command of USA for the acquisition of the version that is launched from the ground and with mobile capacity, explained the president of the US-Taiwan Business Council, Rupert Hammond-Chambers, who has revealed that the contract was presented by Boeing on behalf of Taipei.

The Pentagon published on April 7 a contract with Boeing for $1.7 billion (about 1,555 million euros), but does not mention that the buyer was Taiwan.

"These missiles are very effective against a Chinese invading force due to their mobility and their ability to reach the entire strait."noted analyst Mark Cancian. "Besides reduce the need for US forces on the island. However, 400 is nowhere near the number that would be enough. Taiwanese need a lot more"has warned.

This information has been published just a few days after controversial Chinese military maneuvers in which it simulated a siege of Taiwan and the launch of cruise missiles and other projectiles from land and sea against Taiwanese territory.

US congressmen like Michael McCaul had already discussed this contract, framed within a larger package of 19,000 million dollars in sales to Taiwan that includes F-16 Block 70 fighter jets, MK-48 torpedoes, M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers and missiles. Stinger.

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200 US military advisers in Taiwan

This Monday the official Taiwanese news agency (CNA) reported, citing Taiwanese military sources, that there are some 200 military advisers in bases throughout the country.

These advisers are mainly stationed in infantry camps and reservist brigades to study Taiwanese military protocols and give practical advice on training methods.

The reports from US advisers will be used to improve training when military service is extended to one year next year, the sources have explained.

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