Although Atmaram Bhide, Tuition Master and the only Secretary of the Gokuldham Society, he does everything perfectly, but this time he has made a big mistake. And now to hide that error, they have also resorted to lies. But seeing the color of Bhide’s face, Madhavi has doubts. So will Bhide’s post open?

It happened that Bhide accidentally burned Madhavi’s sari, which her brother gave to Madhavi. Now when Madhavi’s brother returns home, Madhavi has expressed a desire to wear the same sari. But due to Bhide’s mistake, that saree got burned. Out of fear, Bhide goes to the store to buy another similar saree, she buys a saree but of a different color. Still, she brings the sari and keeps it secret in the closet. On the other hand, when Madhavi sees that saree, she feels a different color, but as soon as Bhide hides the matter. But seeing the color on Bhide’s face explode, now Madhavi begins to hesitate a bit.

Now the question is whether Bhide’s pole will be exposed because Bhide has left the burned sari in the closet. In such situation, if that saree falls into the hands of Madhavi or Sonu, then Bhide should not let the master pick it up because Madhavi likes that saree very much. And if they come to know the truth, they will be very sad. Well, what will happen, will be known in the next episodes, but from this there is no doubt that the dose of laughter from the public will not be reduced.



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