Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu, who has created a different identity in different kinds of movies like ‘Badla’, ‘Saand Ki Aankh’, ‘Mission Mangal’, ‘Thappad’, is not married yet, but get married and get married. love arrangements. Taapsee is also very fond of food. Taapsee loves Delhi street food besides Gol Gappa, Chole Bhature, Panipuri, Noodles, Maggi. In a special interview of Cine Blits, Bollywood Taapsee Pannu had told some special things about herself.

Taapsee Pannu says that he likes to get married. Actually, besides being an actress, Ella Taapsee she is also a wedding planner. She also has a website called ‘Wedding Factory’, where she organizes weddings, birthdays and many other types of parties. This company is run by Taapsee’s younger sister Shagun and her best friend Farha. Taapsee handles only a consulting and marketing job at this company. Taapsee Pannu says that she, of course, doesn’t know how to cook, but she really likes to eat. For Taapsee, marriages matter. I mean, now apart from Tamil and Hindi movies, Taapsee is also a wedding planner. She said that she is very lucky that she continues to have many clients.

Taapsee is also very fond of food. He says he is from Delhi and Sardarni from above, so food is very important in his life. Taapsee loves Delhi food. Bhalla-Papri, Chole-Bhature, Tikki, Paratha Wali of Delhi Parathas are very fond of Golgappa and Panipuri as Delhi cannot be found anywhere else. He also likes food from the slopes of Delhi, that is, street food.

Taapsee says that every time he goes to Delhi, he makes a whole list of what he will eat in Delhi. So that there is nothing left to his liking, which he misses going to Mumbai. He also really likes Chinese food from Delhi.

Taapsee said that he only likes to eat, he doesn’t like to cook at all. When she goes to Delhi, her mother continues to cook different kinds of dishes for her every day. Because her mother also knows that she likes food very much. She recounted that she once made tea when she was only 12 years old. Which turned out to be very bad. Taapsee also said that she just makes amazing Maggi, Omelette and Cold Coffee.

Taapsee said that he finds food from his mother’s hand very tasty in this whole world. He loves his mother’s hand, Matar Paneer and Jackfruit curry.

Since Taapsee likes to get married, one of his movies, Running Shaadi Dotcom, also deals with this topic. In which she played the role of a girl who marries the lovebirds and also helps them.


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