T20 WC NZ vs AFG: Why will Afghanistan’s victory increase the problems for India?

Everyone’s eyes are on today’s match between New Zealand and Afghanistan at the T20 World Cup. The outcome of this match will clear the way for all three teams to reach the semi-finals. If the Afghanistan team wins today, India’s chances of reaching the semi-finals will increase. This is the reason why Indian cricket fans are praying for Afghanistan’s victory. But it is not that India should benefit from this victory. The Afghanistan victory that Indian cricketers pray for, that victory may also deal a blow to the Indian team. Let’s understand what kind of equations will be made from the result of this match.

If the New Zealand team defeats Afghanistan in today’s game, they will go straight to the semi-finals. Right now New Zealand has 6 points and with this victory it will be 8 points. You will not need a race index again to reach the semi-finals. While with their victory, both Afghanistan and India will be out of the race for the semifinals. For him, the game against Namibia will not matter.

If the Afghanistan team beats New Zealand in this match, then the chances of the India team reaching the semi-finals will largely be made, but reaching the semi-finals will not be fully decided. Two things will be particularly important for this. Because with this victory, Afghanistan will have 6 points and if India defeats Namibia, then it will also have 6 points. In such a situation, that team from Afghanistan and India will reach the semi-finals, whose run rate will be better. So far, India is way ahead in terms of net execution rate. Now, today Afghanistan needs to beat New Zealand by a small margin. If Afghanistan wins by a large margin, then it may be difficult for India and it will have to beat Namibia by a large margin. After this, the team with a good race pace will reach the semi-finals.

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