Sylvie Vartan celebrates her 60th stage. Already. An anniversary that she celebrates with a very intimate 50th album and a tour that begins in Paris at the Edouard VII theater on October 11 and 12.

She who hates to count, must these last days align the candles and the memories: The Olympia in 1961, the hits that she will revisit, the disco years, America, the cinema and Johnny Hallyday always.

The one who has never ceased to build up an immense discography – from her first album, Sylvie, released in 1962, to Merci pour le regard, this year – unreservedly recounts the countless anecdotes of a life led on stage, in studios and on screen.

His exclusive confidences, collected by Olivier Benkemoun, reflect an immense career, almost unparalleled in France.


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