After nearly 50 years as the longest-running number one hit of all time, it’s finally time to say goodbye to "Miss american pie".

Pop singer Taylor Swift dethroned Don McLean’s epic 8-minute, 42-second piece about him "day the music died" with his 10-minute 13-second version of his smash hit "All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)", which skyrocketed to take number one on this week’s top songs chart, according to music industry tracker Billboard.

The extended version of Swift’s hit was recently released on her re-recorded album. "Red (Taylor’s Version)". Swift released two new versions of the song, the 10-minute version and another with a duration of around five minutes.

By Billboard chart rules, both songs were grouped together on one chart, making it more likely for Swift to rise to the top of the Hot 100.

"American Pie" had held the mark as the longest-running number one hit since hitting the charts in January 1972.

"You guys sent a 10 minute song to Number One for the first time ever."said Swift, 31, when addressing her fans on the Instagram network.

Swift has been resoundingly successful in keeping her promise to re-record her first six albums in order to control her rights.

That power play stemmed from his public feud with industry mogul Scooter Braun over the purchase of his previous label by his company, which gave him a majority stake in the masters’ recordings. singer-songwriter first six albums.

Subsequently, Braun sold the master rights to Swift’s works to private equity firm Shamrock Holdings.

Swift has already released two re-recordings of her first six albums: "Fearless" and "Net". Thus, he now has four left to re-record, after he was contractually allowed to start the process in November 2020.



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