Sweet Tooth: An action-packed trailer for season 2

The Fantastic Event Series sweettoothafter the success of the first season, will arrive on netflix for the April 27, 2023. The Adventures of the Hybrid Gus continue after the climax of the first season where the hybrid children have been caught by the naughty humans who need them to craft antidotes against the pandemic that is hitting the world.

In a darker and more dramatic tone, far from its poetic side of the first episodes of season 1, sweettooth promises to adopt a darker, more mature tone in its sequel. Here’s what we thought of the first season:

Taking advantage of decors very imbued with heroic Fantasy, sweettooth offers a real modern humanist fable, filled with love and emotions, which can seduce young and old. The naivety of the character Gus and the presence of a narrator reinforce the power of this sensory tale, which is a must-see on Netflix in 2021. Roll on season 2!

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