STOCKHOLM: Sweden’s first female prime minister resigned just hours after being elected.

According to the details, Magdalena Anderson was the first woman to become the Prime Minister of Sweden, however, she resigned from her post a few hours later.

“It is a question of honor for me, I do not want to lead a government whose legitimacy can be questioned,” he said in a statement.

In fact, he decided to resign after the budget was not passed in parliament and his coalition partner The Greens split from the government. Andreas Norlin, speaker of Sweden’s 349-seat parliament, said he had received Anderson’s resignation We will contact the party leaders to discuss the situation.

The newly elected Prime Minister said that the coalition government has to resign if it leaves the coalition party. Magdalena Anderson told Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlin that she would run for prime minister again as a party leader.

It should be noted that the coalition party Green Party had a disagreement on the government budget. The Green Party was of the view that this budget has been prepared with the extreme right wing, which they cannot accept.

According to reports, the current government will remain as an interim government until a new government is formed.



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