Sweden activates the “high” level of counter-terrorism because it feels it is a “priority target” for Muslim radicals

Swedish authorities on Thursday raised the terrorist threat level to the second-highest level due to several factors, including protests by several Muslim countries over the recent fires Koran in this Scandinavian country.

The threat, for the first time in seven years, ranges from third to fourth on a scale of fivewhich means that it is now “high”, although the secret services (Säpo) They denied that there were any concrete suspicions and they talked about a conjoint analysis.

“We note that the situation regarding the threat of an attack against Sweden has deteriorated.” This threat will remain for a long time“said the head of Säpo, Charlotte von Essen, in a press conference.

The decision is not based on a “single” fact, Von Essen stressed, but on a “strategic and long-term” assessment, in which Sweden has moved from a “legitimate” goal to a “priority”.

“In our estimate for 2023, we note that the Crimes against Islam can influence the terrorist threatsaid the head of the Terrorist Threat Analysis Center, Ahn-Za Hagstrom, in the same appearance. Säpo also pointed to the deterioration in security caused by the war in Ukraine and the threat posed by far-right groups.

The burning of the Koran in Sweden has prompted large demonstrations in Yemen or Iraq, where the Swedish embassy was also torched, while several governments in Muslim-majority countries have warned that allowing these acts could have consequences for diplomatic relations.

The Swedish authorities also confirmed an attempt last week failed attack on his embassy in Lebanon, when an unknown person threw an object resembling a Molotov cocktail at the legation’s entrance, although no one was hurt.

Both the Swedish government and that of Denmarkwhich has also seen burnings of the Muslim holy book announced weeks ago that it was studying the possibility of restricting these acts or banning them in front of foreign embassies, a proposal criticized by political opposition in both countries.

Denmark and Sweden tightened border controls this month for what they believe represents an increase in the terrorist threat.

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