Sustazo de Laia Sanz: strong accident with five rolls of the bell

Menudo Dakar is living Laia Sanz, and that has only just begun. The Spanish, who left behind a complicated second day turning the page with her best position in her cars so far (20th in Stage 4), he meets the cross of the coin again after having suffered a strong accident at kilometer 28 from the special where it has rolled over five times. The best news of all, despite the setback this entails for his career aspirations, is that both Laia and her co-driver Maurizio Gerini have escaped unharmed of the rollover, although the Astara prototype has been completely destroyed as reported by the organization.

The assistance truck is on its way to assess damage to the Century CR6 and see if they can repair on the track, or they have to return to the bivouac towed to the finish line in order to continue in the race. On the way, the team has a fourth backpacker car in the race with spare parts (which they are providing to Laia) and the assistance truck, where they will find enough pieces to try to repair the damage to a prototype that begins a decisive countdown. First of all, they will have six hours from the start of the special (8:17 Spanish time) to reach kilometer 209 and in total, they will be 11:30 of those available to complete the fight against the clock. Although if the first part is not met, then there will be nothing to do.

From this moment everything happens for the time it requires a repair that will be expensive. They are aware of this since the four arms and one bearing have been destroyed and the main thing is to see if there are any chances of finishing the stage in the time set by the regulations. If time were upon them, then they will evaluate whether or not they can continue in the race despite receiving a penalty for not completing this stage, which could stop Laia’s streak. If the damage is irreparable Sanz’s Dakar 12+1 It would be the first that the Spanish would not finish. After the fateful Tuesday, The Catalan commented that in the end it would end up being true that the 13th is accompanied by bad luck and for the moment, it has accumulated during the beginning. But although This is not being your year we must take into account more than ever the feat of finishing 12 Dakar consecutively.

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It’s still too early to rule it out, since as the spirit of the Dakar marks, the Astara pilot will speed up her options before opting for abandonment. In addition, the team has made a great effort to try to reverse situations like this, aggravated in this case by the rain of the previous days (the dunes were harder than normal and that has increased the damage). Her loss would leave the ranks of Astara with Checa as the only participant after the capsize of Óscar Fuertes and Diego Vallejo in Stage 1. Although the catalan also overturned during the day yesterday in an action where, fortunately, he only rolled over and the car landed on its feet. Carlos was able to continue without problems beyond a puncture and although Laia’s case is much more relevant, we will see if the mechanics are capable of repairing the damage to the CR6.

Staying in the race will be heroic, but whatever happens from now on, the result will not do justice with the level that the Spanish brought to this edition. Laia was shining beyond the complicated second stage where everything went wrong when he was in the top-10. His level was being very high and although after all the downturn he was able to “positivize” the situation and “give gas”bad luck has crossed his path again to complicate things even more.

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