Suspensions and approved of Spain in the drama of Solna

This was the performance of the national team players against Sweden:

Unai Simon: In case there was still any doubt about his ownership after the European Championship, he returned to defend the goal from the beginning. He could not do anything in the goals. Correct.

Azpilicueta: It seemed like an extension of the extra time against Italy seeing him run without fainting throughout the game and more than fulfilling his talent to defend in defense and helping in the offensive phase by joining the attack. He had some mismatch.

Eric Garcia: Undisputed for Luis Enrique for his great handling of the ball, it is necessary that he has the necessary conditions to be central such as aggressiveness and forcefulness. That was missed in several actions as in the first of Sweden. Although he had several good defensive actions. always leaves many doubts.

Laporte: Fully adapted to the Spanish team, it was noticed that he is now playing for City compared to the inactivity with which he reached the European Championship. He avoided a sung goal from Isak with a providential cut. But it must be more consistent.

Sunrise: He always gets good marks both in the defensive and offensive phase. He gave assistance to Carlos Soler and put several more goal balls into the area. A security corridor of the Selection.

Busquets: He was not at the outstanding level of the Eurocup and started imprecise and suffering in the Swedish cons. In Isak’s goal he was not lucky in control after Soler’s safety pass. He suffered again in transitions.

Carlos Soler: He scored a great goal from the boat soon after Alba’s pass as soon as the game started that justified his ownership. The Valencian player made Pedri forget with his verticality.

Koke: The Atlético captain played in the left profile and was once again a stronghold for the Spanish team. He handled offensive transitions well and suffered on defenses. It was from more to less.

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Ferran: The goal is always around. He has that gift. He started on the right and ended on the left and he always did what a winger should do in Luis Enrique’s position and possession system. He ended up playing nine when Morata left.

Morata: He offered the job demanded by the coach, shaping the beginning of the pressure after the loss of the National Team. He came to receive to unload, opened the band and looked for the auction in the centers, but he did not get any frank. He was replaced by Sarabia in the 74th minute.

Gerard Moreno: He does not just perform in the National Team as he does in Villarreal. He puts his will, but playing close to the band limits his conditions. He was replaced by Adama Traoré ‘in the 62nd minute.


Adama Traoré: Entered in the 63rd minute by Gerard Moreno. He went out to shake up the game and achieved it only in a play that shot at goal. Their centers did not find a finisher.

Sarabia: He replaced Morata in the 74th minute and played as a left winger. I look for the goal zones that he reaches easily, but could not score.

Marcos Llorente: He came in for Koke in the 74th minute. He got him in his place and put his mark looking for the tie and the comeback, but without success.

Rodri: He entered the 84th minute for Busquets. He pushed the team in search of the goal.

Brais: Carlos Soler came out in minute 84. It did not have much participation.


Luis Enrique: The match plan was maintained after Sweden’s draw to Soler’s goal. He was seen somewhat blocked in the first half and looked for solutions with the changes that he did not get. Qualifying for the World Cup is complicated and he must look for variants to his system.

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