French police have arrested a suspect nine years after the infamous Alpine murder. A British-Iraqi man, his wife and her mother were killed in the 2012 assassination attempt. A French cyclist who happened to pass by was also murdered. The couple’s two daughters, aged 4 and 7 at the time, survived the attack.

Police are still in the dark about the motive. A family member was arrested because the murders may have been related to an inheritance issue, but that man was released for lack of evidence. Speculation that the murdered man, who worked in the satellite industry, might have been involved in espionage, also went nowhere.

In the interest of the investigation, police have not yet released details about who has been arrested or why. French media report that it concerns a person who had already been interrogated by the police in 2014 because he had been near the crime scene.

That person is said to have told at the time that he had been paragliding nearby, but in a new conversation with police there were inconsistencies in his story, according to French media.


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