Sushmita Sen’s film is not limited to becoming Gauri from Ganesh, “Tali” is the story of a new revolution

Sushmita Sen’s Tali trailer has been released. In the trailer, Sushmita plays the character of a eunuch who travels from Ganesh to Gauri. But the story isn’t just limited to that. It also requires a new initiative for change and also gives transgender people their right to life.

In the trailer, Sushmita Sen, who became Gauri, says: “I am Gauri, this story is about many people like me.” Because this Gauri was once also Ganesha. Transgender has now found its place in society, it has got a new identity. But there was a time when they were not accorded status in society. The beginning of this story started from scratch and then showed how a revolution was brought about to give transgender people the right to live with dignity.

Sushmita Sen is seen in a saree with a large red bindi on her forehead, antimony in her eyes and gajra in her hair. Sushmita’s amazing attitude comes through in the trailer. If it’s a trailer, what will the picture look like? Sushmita’s dialogues are quite heart-rending.

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