Surrealist explanation of Carcedo to the Real Zaragoza crisis

The Zaragocista coach believes that he won over the fans for the last victory

The feeling of discomfort in the fans of the Royal Saragossa still more alive than ever, but Juan Carlos Carcedo he thinks he won over the fans for his latest victory. Even after the game was over The Romareda where they managed to win 2-1 at Villarreal Bchants were heard from the fans against him and Miguel Torrecilla.

The Mr. Rioja He prefers to ignore this and prepares his next match, which will be this Friday against a strong recently relegated rival. “We know that the Grenade It is a great team, recently relegated from First division and quite dominating at home, where he has won everything except a draw, he is achieving great results” Carcedo commented at a press conference.

Saragossa Carcedo
Under Carcedo, Zaragoza has played 11 games with a balance of 3 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses.

Carcedo wants to erase Zaragoza’s tortuous past with the latest victory

There are several proverbs that pray that a person, or in this case a team, should move forward and not look back. But with the performance that the Blanquillo club is having under the command of Carcedo, it is difficult for the fans to forget the bad season that the team has been having with a victory that by the way was at the last minute.

The La Rioja coach is convinced that the last victory against Villarreal B will be enough for him not to leave office even if they lose to Granada. “People have to be demanding. And we have to see why she’s not happy. From there, we must improve so that the fans feel proud and encourage and support “said the curious coach.

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Juan Carlos Carcedo is 100% convinced that Zaragoza has been doing a good job

There are several fans and Internet users who believe that the coach from La Rioja does not even have 10% self-critical capacity. For Juan Carlos Carcedo, Zaragoza has been doing things well only because the group is united and they know how important it is to win. However, the table of positions says otherwise, and until a day ago they were close to the relegation zone.

Still, the coach is optimistic. “The atmosphere in the team is very good. We have a lot of confidence in ourselves, because it is something that we experience every day. There are many conversations with footballers and we know how they feel. The team is very united and believes in what we are doing”. We will see if those words have an effect in this Friday’s meeting.

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