Surprising message from father to son-in-law at daughter’s wedding

Before the wedding in Egypt, the bride gives a list of wedding items (called dowry) to the bride.

Although it is a part of Egyptian society, it includes only the things of domestic life. In Egyptian language and socially it is called Amanat.

But a surprising news regarding this is also circulating on social media. In the list that the Egyptian man gave to the bride before the marriage, he wrote that fearing Allah for the sake of my daughter.

For the Egyptians, it is usual for the father of a daughter to give some kind of message to the bride before leaving.

The Egyptian man gave this list to his son-in-law when all his relatives were sitting together.

The Egyptian wrote that “He who has been entrusted with the trust of honor does not ask for money.” To fear God in our honor.”

With this phrase, the bride’s father, Angie Essam, explained everything he wanted to his daughter’s groom, Karim Al Manyawi.

This list is signed by the bridegroom. He was surprised that there was no description of the goods in the list, but only that it was written to fear Allah for the sake of his daughter.

When the bride saw these words in the luggage list, she was surprised, saying that the bride’s family was known for their good behavior.

A few days before the marriage contract, he was going to the bride’s family to sign the list of movables and the date of dowry, but he was shocked to see what was written in the “list”.

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The bridegroom said that he owed him the advice of the bride’s father, and that he would take care of his wife after pleasing God.

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