Surface Duo 2: This is what the dual-screen smartphone looks like

Surface Duo 2 exists. Despite the failure of the first terminal, Microsoft doesn’t want to give up and today we have a 3D rendering to see what the terminal will look like. Unsurprisingly, we have a smartphone very close to the previous one.

Credit: Windows United

The Surface Duo didn’t really win over the crowds. Released almost a year and a half after its presentation, it was already out of date even before being put on sale. Microsoft doesn’t want to be in this flaw and is actively working on a new model. At least that’s what the leaks suggest.

A few weeks ago, the terminal appeared in the first stolen photos. German website Windows United decided to do 3D renderings to see what it would be like in real life. About the latter, we can see several things: we have the same format, first of all, with two screens capable of folding one over the other. We also see that the terminal could adopt the color black, and not just white as in the first one.

A Surface Duo 2 with a better photo module

Surface Duo should improve its photographic module. The first one was, in fact, much criticized. We therefore note that the new spring a little bit of the smartphone. Normally this isn’t too boring, but the renderings show which prevents the product from completely folding for the use of a single screen, which gives a very strange effect.

Duo Surface
Credit: Windows United

Among the novelties, we also notice displays that gain more facade, even if we still have ugly edges on the top and bottom. The fingerprint sensor has been integrated into the ignition button. Other small innovations (impossible to see in renderings) must be integrated, like a more powerful (and current) processor and also 5G. It is hoped for Microsoft, and also for users, that this time the features are worthy of a high-end.

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At the moment, Microsoft obviously hasn’t communicated on its smartphone. So all we have is leaks. However, it must be officially revealed. during the month of october, date Microsoft holds its traditional conference. We hope this time that the terminal will reach the market quickly, and not a year later, when it will be technically overtaken by the competition.

Duo Surface
Credit: Windows United

Source: Windows United

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