Surcharge of RD$2,100 if they did not get a tag

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) maintains the amounts corresponding to the Sanctions for non-renewal of tags during the period established until January 31, for an amount of RD$2,000.00 (surcharge) to vehicle owners.

The payment of the penalty for vehicles without renewing the tag will be RD$2,100 (RD$2,000 as a penalty for non-renewal, plus RD$100 for administrative termination). Cars manufactured up to 2017 pay RD$1,500. On the other hand, for those 2018 vehicles, including later ones, the payment is RD$3,000.

yesterday 31 The renewal process of the Vehicle Circulation Tax has been completed (tag) started on October 18, 2022 and the ranks of taxpayers were still maintained in authorized financial entities seeking to acquire it.

A few hours after completing the process, people held different justifications for waiting until the last day to register their vehicles in the period 2023-2024.The “economic situation”, “negligence”, “lack of time” and that “we are Dominicans and the Dominicans leave everything to last”, said the drivers.

The situation
“You buy a recipe and you eat it, today in my house is a diet day,” said Deyanira Santos, who explained that her reasons for the delay in the purchase were the “difficult” economic situation, despite being a clothing seller in his house, he has a relative sick with cancer.

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