Supermán López: “You have to be where you can shine”

“Chapter closed”, this is how Miguel Ángel López defines what happened in the penultimate stage of La Vuelta a España 2021, in which after arguing with the Movistar Team he abandoned the race. For Superman, that was the best thing that could have happened to him because it not only served to end his bond with the Spanish team but also to sign for Astana – Premier Tech, a squad in which he had already competed for six years.

The 27-year-old cyclist from Boyacá assured that he wants to be in a place where he is appreciated, something he finds in the Kazakh team that tried to sign him since before the Colombian and the Spanish team ended their contract. He also valued his new teammates including leader Vincenzo Nibali, with whom he will meet again after five years, and Sebastián Henao, who arrives from Team Ineos Grenadiers.

Being forced to leave the Tour de France, the non-authorization to compete in the Olympic Games added to the moments of tension that he lived in La Vuelta a España led Miguel Ángel López to make the decision to leave the Movistar Team, something that left him several reflections for his professional career.

His controversial departure from the Movistar Team

Movistar’s decision not to go to the Olympics: “Clearly everyone dreams of being in the Olympic Games and it was a nice opportunity, we can see that he adapted very well to our characteristics and the team he had was good. In the end he lost a place and I was fine to be able to go, but Movistar’s plan was not to give me permission because it was a beating and I couldn’t take the opposite. It was the order of the team and the plan was to prepare the lap well and be in optimal condition when going to Tokyo and back. “

Reflection of his abandonment in La Vuelta: “Reflection is being where one feels good, where one can show off without being deprived of something. Reflection is being where one is happy and can run at will, everyone is supporting you and that there is an environment, without tension and without selfishness. The only reflection that remains for me is that you have to be where they want you, where you can shine and do things well. I have given up, I did not break down. “

Importance of leaving Movistar: “Today when I remember what happened and what did not happen is a bit more controversial, but that is the most important thing that could have happened to me and the best thing that I could have done. People see it as disrespectful, but it is easy to talk and say things. I think the most important thing is to be where they want it and be able to be comfortable and do things with love and those details that they don’t like “.

Do not sign for Bora and if for Movistar: “It was already more than a year since the Bora offer, but sometimes you take a certain path and then you realize that it was the wrong one and you cannot turn back the time. It happened like this, but that remains for the experience, for life “.

Not achieving the podium in La Vuelta: “I could not reach the podium and it was not because of conditions but because of other details that I am not going to talk about it because it is a closed chapter. I was calm because I do not want to be there and reached an agreement with the team, it is the best thing that could happen to us. I am calm. I have never been given anything as a gift, I know what it is like to be there, how to prepare myself. It is annoying not to finish it, but it is because of things behind it. Now I go to a place where they value me, where they love me and things are done differently. “

Leaving Movistar after renovation: “I had renewed my contract before the Tour de France and before going to La Vuelta, some things and various details were happening that little by little I was discovering. Not going to the Olympics, getting off the Tour and not by my decision, several things , and in La Vuelta other things of a lot of tension happen when sharing leadership. In Movistar it has always happened like that and with Nairo and Landa it was also lived years before. I came to feel that same tension, knowing that I had two years of contract ahead, I preferred do what I did and take another path. “

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Clause not to mention abandonment: “We made a contract to break our commitment and the next two years that we had a contract, but it is the best thing that could happen to both parties. I did not see myself living that environment. Some clauses were put and so it was not for me it is a closed chapter , is behind and now we have to focus on the good. To keep talking about the past is to stay behind and keep wasting time. “

Relationship with other colleagues: “It is a pity that the work that the gregarious do, cannot be rewarded by winning La Vuelta a España, for example. There the work was impeccable and it is a pity that no more results are obtained for other reasons. The work of the gregarious It is impeccable, you cannot take that merit away from them, just like the staff, masseurs, mechanics. The thing here is that the team does not do the management and does not allow it to go further. “

New challenges on your return to Astana

Preparation for 2021: “My preparation at the moment is going super well, I have had the longest break in recent seasons and that is giving me a lot of energy and a lot of strength, sharing with my family is also extra energy. I’m aiming for another year with my team Astana, the objective will be the Grand Tours. We have to work harder on the time trial, I improved a lot but we still need to. We must continue to focus on the CRI that separates us from other riders. “

Transfer to Astana: “There was no difficulty, it is better to know where it is going, not to know how the team works. I did not have any unconscious in returning because practically the day after the La Vuelta happened I was already negotiating with Astana. They already know me, they They were the ones that made me grow when I became a professional, they made me be where I am because they have been my home since 2014 and they trust me a lot. The next day everything was talked about. “

Hiring: “This year everyone has seen that Astana for the future has made great changes and has hired many new runners. Those of us who live closely know the kind of runners they have hired. That gives me peace of mind because we are going to have a large block of gregarious Nibali is a highly experienced rider like Moscón. Henao has a lot of experience, he knows how the races unfold, he knows where to be. There are other riders who give peace of mind because a great group is being put together. Sharing the leadership with Nibali goes to be an honor. “

Tour de France 2022: “The route of the tour is beautiful, there is everything. Tomorrow I have a meeting with all the directors to see and evaluate the routes. It will be a very crazy Tour, there will be many windy stages, then the cobblestones have that spice and the CRI, which are almost 60 kilometers of time. The fans are coming, the pavé and I don’t know how that will unravel, it’s going to be nice for the fans. “

Return to Astana: “It motivates me a lot because Astana has always been my home, they gave me the opportunity to become a professional, they were in my process because I went to Movistar with a record, with six years of work in Astana. I have always been grateful to them and always They have been very close and pleasant that is how it feels and I always see it. Even being with Movistar, I approached their bus and I have always maintained that friendship “.

Calendar: “I would like to go to the Tour because it is a race, the best of the biggest. Now what I say is a lie because with the meeting of the directors and technicians, that’s when they will tell me where I am going and I have to adapt to what Put me on. What I say now about my calendar is a lie. “

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