The story is as ubiquitous as the end, in short quite logical. As the story goes , it all started during the first confinement last April. A 59-year-old cashier from the Super U in Russ (Bas-Rhin), ends her shift, and before going home, decides to go buy a piece of presskopf, an Alsatian head cheese of 3.46 euros, called in the pickle delicacy store. Problem, before going home, she realizes that the DLC (use by date) has passed, and returns to the butcher’s department for an exchange.

And this is where everything will change, according to our colleagues since she should, according to the protocol, have gone to reception, request a refund and finally buy another piece. Too late. The manager of the Super U, who had it seemingly in the sights already for a while, summons her and will purely and simply dismiss her, for “serious misconduct”. In the dismissal letter obtained from Rue89, the cashier is accused of not having followed the procedures “in the event of a dispute or quality problem”. Worse, she would have “put pressure” on her colleague in the delicatessen “by forcing him to comply and to be an accomplice of [votre] fraudulent maneuver “.

Not “faultless” because of a wee break

A blow for the employee who has been working in the store for 18 years and who has to leave overnight. Dazed, taken aback, the cashier does not immediately realize the situation quickly. But in July 2020, she still decides to take a lawyer and bring the case before the Labor Court, relates Rue89. Her hearing was held in June 2021, and the management of the store wanted to add something to the case, to show, she said, that “despite her seniority, she was not flawless”.

This fact mentioned dates back to 2012, detail our colleagues, and concerns a pee break which would have taken place “without the approval of a hierarchical superior” … The judgment fell at the end of last September. The Labor Court recognized the “unfairness” of the dismissal and granted the cashier 10,000 euros in severance pay. She also received 8,600 euros in damages. The manager of the store in question did not wish to answer our colleagues.


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