Super Mario Bros. The Movie – When Will The Nintendo Movie Stream?

Biggest hit of 2023 so far (Barbie isn’t far away), Super Mario Bros. The Movie is the plumber duo’s second major adaptation after the 1994 version. Released on April 5, the video game adaptation quickly became the biggest hit in the history of a video game adapted for the screen, enough to make the wait for its release on our televisions too long bridge screens noticeably.

When will the Super Mario Bros. movie come out? while streaming?

Super Mario Bros. - Lighting Entertainment

Super Mario Bros – Illumination Entertainment

In the United States, the film has been available to stream since August 3 on Peacok, whose counterpart in France is called Universal+. We might expect to see it Super Mario Bros. The Movie Land on this platform. However, nothing has been confirmed. Also, the waiting time would be very long if the media timeline works like this since January 2022:

DVD/Blu-Ray/SvoDCanal+ and OCSNetflix
4 months after the theatrical release6 months after the cinema release15 months after theatrical release
media timeline

Super Mario Bros. Streaming Release Date (Netflix)

Published in April 2023, Super Mario Bros. The Movie will be released on Netflix in July 2023Netflix has yet to decide how to pay for the rights.

Super Mario Bros. Streaming Release Date (Canal+)

It’s more likely to be found Super Mario Bros. The Movie streaming legally on Canal+ in October 2023.

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