Super Mario Bros the Movie: Despite the controversy, will the movie be a success?

Thirty years after the movie Super Mario Bros. of 1993well known to all pop culture fans for his assumed nanar side, Enlightenment Entertainment is about to bring the mustachioed plumber back to life through an animated computer-generated film. While it was suggested a few years ago the choice to make a film in a real world with an animated character (as Sonic: The Movie), it was ultimately the choice of 100% digital that was retained by the studios that created Me, Despicable Me. The very clear, luminous and refined style of the Illuminations productions may seem the ideal solution for carrying out the difficult adaptation of this Super Mario.

All Illumination adaptations, available in several opuses, have been commercial successes. The only somewhat missed projects are like beasts 2 And All on stage 2 who collected just over $400 million in worldwide revenue. At the same time, they had the difficult challenge of doing better than their predecessors who, due to surprise effects, each collected a sum not far from 900 million. Otherwise, the saga Me, Despicable Me reported the trifle of $4.1 billion in five films (three central feature films plus two spin-offs). Super Mario Bros. the film based on a much more powerful license than the originals Illuminationthe creation of beginners Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic should explode the bar of the billion of world receipts, if it is not more.

Super Mario Bros © Illumination Entertainment
Super Mario Bros © Illumination Entertainment

Positioned just before the school holidays in France, we predict an arrival of Super Mario around the 3-4 million entries. The arrival of this very strong license should dynamite a somewhat mushy film market in France in recent weeks and do a lot of harm to a very expensive French production: The Three Musketeers by Martin Bourboulon.

However, all was not so easy for this film. As sonicthe first word-of-mouth was not necessarily positive for an absurd reason: the choice of Chris Pratt to double mario. Some even announced that they wanted to watch the French version of the film which, according to them, corresponded better to the result of the video games. Many Americans have even campaigned on social networks so that Charles Martinetthe doubler US official of the plumber, becomes that of the film. Finally, Universal And Illumination have turned a deaf ear, probably capitalizing on the mainstream potential that the name of Chris Pratteven as a single doubler.

There ” controversial » then ended up fading and the public seems to want to give the feature film a chance. Another rather contentious point but which can on the other hand facilitate the big scores of the film: Its short duration: 92 minutes (1h32). Gamers who love mario are disappointed with a film that risks being much too short according to their expectations, but let’s remember that the priority audience for the film concerns children.

Super Mario Bros.  The film
Super Mario Bros. The film

In summary, and if we focus on the expected scores (and that we are in a hurry for the film), it is estimated that the few controversies should ultimately not impact the surge that this Super Mario in cinemas. The film should easily reach one billion dollars in worldwide revenue and, at the very least, the 3.5 million admissions in France to come and boost dark rooms this spring. Reply on April 5 !

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