Super Mario Bros. The Film: cardboard in sight for its opening weekend

There are box office hits, ratings hits, and hits. Super Mario Bros. the film will most certainly be a success as a whole. Can rely on a multigenerational fanbase, Super Mario also benefits from the rise of video game adaptations.

While very rare adaptations have made it through the last 30 years, besides Lara Croft Or resident Evilto name but two, Super Mario arrives in line with the last successful releases since Sonic the Movie in 2020 which was a hit in the cinema. followed sonic 2And Uncharted as well as The Last Of Us series HBO which exceeded the huge audiences of House of the Dragon on HBO Max. Inevitably, a multitude of video game adaptations are in the pipeline while Super Mario the Movie should start with an opening weekend fifteen times greater than the total box office revenue of the original Mario movie released in 1993.

Super Mario Bros.  The film

Super Mario Bros. The film

box office: Very big opening weekend for Super Mario Bros. The film

The opening weekend of the Super Mario Bros. will destroy the record set by the original film. Hollywood turned away from adapting Mario games into feature films after the Super Mario Bros. from 1993, which featured Bob Hoskins And John Leguizamo in the roles of mario And Luigi, was a relentless failure. Enlightenment Entertainment teamed up with nintendo for the new movie with Chris Pratt in the role of Mario, Charlie Day in that of Luigi, Anya Taylor Joy in that of the Princess Peach And Jack Black in that of Bowser.

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According to Deadline, the cast of the Super Mario Bros. have reason to celebrate their first weekend of operation. The film is expected to gross $300 million worldwide. by the end of the weekend, with international revenue exceeding $160 million. Although this is just a screening and the total won’t be known until the end of the week, the film has the potential to top the $20 million in revenue of the 1993 film by a factor of 15.

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