ADVANCE | The miracle goes away. We’re talking about the Mavericks, of course. Jason Kidd’s team falls in the fifth round of the Western Conference semifinal playoff in Phoenix, coming within one loss of elimination. On the night of Thursday to Friday the series will return to Texas, where the Mavs have won their two games in this series, but with the water up to their necks and with the Suns as they have played, anything can happen. There it will be seen if a seventh game can be forced or the thing remains, as the Phoenix fans said at the end of the match, in a “Suns in six”. The cry raised by the Bucks fans in the past Finals as a prognosis finally fulfilled has been adopted by the fans of the team that was defeated then. A merely anecdotal fact of a match that had two sides and that ended with the Suns recovering sensations and the Mavs with their minds set on the match they have in 48 hours. One with which they can round off a season that is already outstanding.


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