Summit at Atlético to find the perfect striker for Simeone

Andrea Berta, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and Diego Simeone sat down yesterday to discuss Atlético de Madrid’s strategy in the transfer market, which is not going as expected

In the last hours a key meeting has been held for the planning of the next season, because for the moment the transfer market is not developing as expected. And it is that the exit operation is stuck and Simeone It does not have the reinforcements that it demanded for the Atletico Madrid. That is why there is a risk that he will once again have a mediocre squad under his command.

One of the most prominent issues was the search for a striker who can meet the team’s needs and fill the possible void left by Álvaro Morata, who has serious options to leave the club this summer. Three of the club’s key men spoke about the possibilities that Atlético had on the table to offer Simeone.

Simeone will have level signings at Atlético
Berta and Gil Marín want to put the best possible players under Simeone’s orders

The striker chosen by Atlético to reinforce Simeone’s attack

Aware of the importance of having a powerful and effective attack, the managers and the coach have been looking at various options to reinforce the attack. Although several names have been considered, there is a player who seems to have captured everyone’s attention: Santiago Giménez.

The young striker, only 22 years old, has stood out last season with Feyenoord, where he showed a high level and remarkable goalscoring ability. His performances did not go unnoticed by Atlético scouts, who consider that his style of play perfectly adapts to Simeone’s demands.

Santiago Gimenez for Morata

During the meeting, the managers and the coach agreed on the importance of signing a striker who can complement the current attackers and provide immediate performance. In this sense, Giménez is emerging as a promising playercapable of offering a mixture of youth, talent and physical power in the rival area.

Of course, before undertaking the operation they hope that the departure of Álvaro Morata, who is torn between Saudi Arabia and AC Milan, is finalized. Now all that remains is to wait, but it seems clear that Atlético’s sports management wants to put all the meat on the grill to provide Simeone with the best possible squad. Be that as it may, they must first be able to unlock the exit operation.

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