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Summer holidays: the cities in France where car rental is the cheapest

You haven’t reserved your vehicle for this summer yet and you’re going to need it? First tip, don’t delay too long. With the return to an almost normal situation, the sector is booming, and renting a vehicle could cost you a lot of money. In this regard, the Carigami comparator has established a ranking of the cities where renting a car is the cheapest and, conversely, of those where you will have to take out the checkbook. If you want to travel and not ruin yourself, you have to go to the North. A week’s rental in Lille will cost you 292 euros on average, according to Carigami. This is up from last year, but it is contained at 12.7%. Two other cities allow you to book a vehicle for less than 300 euros per week: Clermont-Ferrand and Mulhouse.

If you want to go further south, Valence is a good compromise (312 euros per week, + 3% only), or Aix-en-Provence (342 euros) and Marseille (349 euros). The other cities in this top 10 where it is possible to travel for a “reasonable” price are Rennes, Brest, Lyon and Nantes. But in Brest prices have increased by more than 30% in one year, and by 61% in three years. On the other hand, if you want to go to the Basque coast, in the South-West or in Corsica, the note is salty. The most expensive rates are found in Biarritz, explains Carigami: 505 euros per week. In three years, prices have risen by 96%!

369 euros on average

In Nice, it will not be cheaper with a week at 496 euros. As for Corsica, it will take 445 euros for Ajaccio, 429 euros for Figari and 408 euros for Bastia. Besides Biarritz, it is in Corsica that the increase is the most impressive: between 92 and 116% for the three cities, compared to 2019. In Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nîmes and Paris, a week costs more than 400 euros. Overall, explains Carigami, the cost of a week amounts to an average of 369 euros for this summer, this is 5% more expensive than in 2021 and 41.3% more than in 2019.

The comparator warns of these price increases, to which are obviously added the refueling. As fares are on the rise again, traveling by car could therefore be very expensive this summer. Why such increases? In Biarritz, for example, people rent more “spacious and luxurious cars, therefore more expensive”, according to Pierre Feisthauer, in charge of the development of Carigami, interviewed by . Added to this is the demand which is strong this year. There remains a possibility for those who are still hesitating: wait until the last moment. Since car rental is dependent on the prices of plane and train tickets, this could bring prices down.


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