Distribution of points in the Asturian derby, where Djuka came to the rescue in the final minutes to equal Lucas Ahijado’s first-half goal. Sporting showed a more colorful but less effective football than Oviedo. It was Gallego’s men who took the reins at the beginning, with Fran Villalba and Aitor testing Femenías. But it was the team led by Cuco Ziganda who struck the first blow: about half an hour into the game, Borja hung a ball at the far post and Lucas hooked the ball with a volley, without dropping it, to adjust the ball to the short stick.

Already in the second half, the dynamics of the game continued. Sporting had the ball and Oviedo, as orderly as it was efficient, held out without great trouble. But Fran Villaba arrived in 83 ‘to hang a ball on the back of Costas that Djuka, a relentless hunter, hooked her first to put the tables. Some tables that were maintained until the end of the crash. The negative note was left Guille Rosas and Marc Valiente. Both players had to leave the field with muscle discomfort.


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