Sulejmanovic wants to continue in Bilbao

Sulejmanovic had a first stage in Bilbao in which he arrived with a broken wrist and trying to find a life after a cycle in Lugo in which he became an idol of the Pazo. He was revalued in Miribilla and it was worth it to make the leap to Tenerife, with which he won the Champions League. He barely played there and has returned to the Biscayan capital. he again had a doubtful comeback, out of rhythm for the little time he was on the track in the Eurobasket with Bosnia. Injuries have plagued him this season and it has been difficult for him to start, but little by little he is finding the line that was expected. Now he is thinking of extending his stay in Miribilla.

“I like being in a place where they love me,” he resolved this morning. In any case, as he always does, he is focused on finishing the campaign as well as possible and in the summer he will put the proposals that are transferred to him on the table. “From the beginning of the season he was not happy with myself. I had no rhythm”, with the different discomforts, I played without training “and when that moment has passed, I have been able to find my best version”. His performance at home and away differs a lot. Tomorrow’s match against Tenerife has a certain sentimental component for the Bosnian center for having worn his colors recently. “The first leg was special, they welcomed me well, but when I enter the track I don’t have any friends, it doesn’t matter who is in front of me”.

He admitted that, Once the permanence in the Endesa League is sealed, getting a place to play in the European competition next season “would be a gift” That would end a good season. “We have a good chance to get it. Now there are two difficult games at home -Tenerife, tomorrow, Wednesday, and Manresa on Saturday- and, although we have many casualties, it is not an excuse, ”he stressed. Sule stressed the importance of the field factor because in Miribilla they have taught “that no one wins easily” and pointed out that one of the keys will be to “make as few mistakes as possible” against a Tenerife that “as demonstrated in the Champions League” at the beginning of March ” punish every mistake.” The interior, on the other hand, assured that they have plenty of motivation to face this end of the campaign “especially at home”. “There is not much left and you have to make the last effort. Despite the fact that the season has been long, you have to get the most out of each one and go game by game without doing the math because they don’t make sense. We can depend on ourselves ”, he explained about those European options for Surne Bilbao.

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For his part, Ponsarnau believes that if they manage to run a little more against Tenerife than in other matches, they will have more options to beat the island team, with whom they meet for the fourth time this year after meeting in the first round and meeting them in the Champions League. “It’s a very tactically rich team and it’s going to require us to learn during the game,” stressed the ‘men in black’ coach. The basket still stings almost on Jaime Fernández’s horn in the European tournament that culminated a disastrous management by the Bilbao team. That shock was let out when they had it packed. “They made a proposal in attack that we had a hard time defending and we were learning during the game. Now they will come with that improved or different proposal and we will have to learn again, ”said Ponsanarnau, who believes that, as in that event, the support of the fans will be key.

“That game started fatally and it was the public that got us into it. It is a good example of how Miribilla helps us. They are our hoops, our balls, our track and there are also positive feelings with the stands, ”he stressed. Tàrrega’s coach, on the other hand, confirmed Hakanson’s loss for one more day and advanced that Whitey “evolves” positively from the left foot injury that has kept him out since the end of February, although not yet enough to return to rotation normally.

“I see a group with fewer virtues, but if we find them during the match we are competitive and we can beat teams like Barcelona and if we are not vulnerable we lose in Fuenlabrada. But we do have the capacity to hold on to energy and we have to take advantage of that, especially in Miribilla”, he concluded.

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