The director of Okdiario arrived at his red sofa ready to set fire to the Mega set

Eduardo Inda he is used to saying atrocities from the red sofa of The beach bar. Every Monday, the director of Okdiario arrives on set ready to drop his usual excluded that always leave many offended. TO Pedrerol He loves that sauce because it dynamites social networks and even gives him for his editorials of Gamers.

And it is that all these messes shoot the audience of The beach bar. But it also increases the controversy in social networks, especially with fans of the teams involved. On this occasion, Eduardo Inda addressed two issues that were more than annoying for him. Real Madrid, with the Athletic protagonist, unfortunately for his fans.

Isco Real Madrid
The Galician midfielder accelerates his departure from Real Madrid

Eduardo Inda sets Atlético on fire

According to the Okdiario director, Isco has offered himself to Atlético de Madrid. The man from Malaga is convinced that he can regain his level and is not about to leave Madrid, where he is happy with his partner Sara Sálamo. Simeone has loved him many times, although now the situation is somewhat different.

First, because Isco is not participating and his level is far from what he showed in previous years. And second, because Atlético’s midfield is now full of cracks with Rodrigo de Paul, Marcos Llorente, Koke or Lemar. Atlético fans on social networks have exploded with the news.

They don’t trust Real Madrid either

However, the curious thing about the case, and surely what Pedrerol likes the most, is that the athletic ones are not the only ones annoying. In Real Madrid itself, where practically nobody wants the continuity of Isco Alarcón, they have also reacted with discomfort to the exclusive of Eduardo Inda.

Because you already know what usually happens with former Real Madrid or FC Barcelona players who, apparently, no longer have a level. If they go to Atlético, many get up. You just have to see a Marcos Llorente who barely played for Madrid. Or a Luis Suárez who wanted to retire at Barça.


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