Suero Correa accuses Camacho of mistreating athletics

Gerardo Suero Correa, president of the Dominican Athletics Federation, together with Mariano Cedeño, secretary, and Ramón Valdez, treasurer, affirmed that they cannot bear more indifference and mistreatment of the sport they represent by the Ministry of Sports and Recreation directed by Francisco Camacho.

“As a federation we have never felt so mistreated and ignored as in Camacho’s current administration,” said Correa.

Suero said that Camacho’s appointment in Miderec made the national sports movement happy for being a federated leader, but that this happiness over time turned into sadness and despair.

demand plan

The trio that visited Listín Diario demanded to know the repair plan for the track at the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium and the warm-up track at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

“It is fair since the claims of our federation are heard, we are not interested in knowing who the builder will be, but we understand that the level of our federation deserves better treatment and broad knowledge of the subject,” said Mariano Cedeño, general secretary of the federation.

Cedeño also said that it is difficult for athletes to constantly travel to the slopes of Santiago de los Caballeros and Bayaguana to train and that the federation that has given the country 5 of the 12 Olympic medals in the history of Dominican sports deserves a better deal.

While Suero Correa said that if it were another federation that had won the results of athletics, “they would have 2 Santo Domingo Metro stations as a prize.”

More abuses

The former 100 and 200 meter athlete pointed out as an outrage the fact that Miderec will not continue to supply sports federations for their national events.

He said that after this provision they now have to buy food rations from the Economic Kitchens.

He also added that he welcomed the closure of the Villa de las Américas for its remodeling, but that it is still closed. “The village has been closed for 2 years and our federation is one of the most affected, the athletes have to rent houses to sleep and as a federation we have to collaborate financially.”

Ramón Valdez, treasurer of the federation, said that athletics is a very complex sport and that it is practiced nationwide in all categories, so they need the best practice conditions for their athletes.

Dominican athletics closed 2022 with outstanding grades with 14 medals in the Ibero-American Athletics Championship held in Spain, occupying the second position.

It was the most outstanding Dominican delegation in the Guadeloupe Caribbean Games with 5 medals; in the Bolivarian Games in Valledupar they won 11 medals, to be the most outstanding delegation and crowned with the historic participation in the World Cup in Oregon, with 2 medals, to occupy the thirteenth position, the best place in the history of the Dominican Republic.


programming of the year


For this year, the governing entity of athletics in the Dominican Republic, has on the agenda more than 30 events at the national and international level, including the World Cup in Budapest that will take place between August 19 and 27, as well such as the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games in El Salvador and the Pan American Games in Chile.


Suero Correa also said that he has good relations with Rubén García, president of Fedofútbol and that he hopes that just as they share the land of the Félix Sánchez Stadium, of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, referring to the green area, they can share the land of the Espaillat complexes and La Vega.

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