Sudden heavy firing in Kabul, Taliban leader’s important statement to the citizens

KABUL: After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley, heavy aerial firing took place in the capital once again, causing panic among the citizens.

According to the Afan media report, aerial firing took place in different parts of Kabul to celebrate the victory of Panj Sherki and the control of the Taliban.

Taking note of the aerial firing, Taliban leader Ahmadullah Wasiq advised the citizens of Kabul not to be disturbed and asked the Taliban fighters (Mujahideen) not to open fire in the air.

Taliban leader Ahmadullah Wasiq prayed that Allah would keep all citizens in His memory.

It should be noted that some time ago, the Taliban claimed complete control of the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan and said that now we have control of the whole of Afghanistan.

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According to the Taliban, Amrullah Saleh and Ahmed Massoud have reportedly disappeared from the scene and arrived in Tajikistan.

Earlier, Afghan media reported that the ongoing war in Afghanistan’s Panjshir province had been stopped and the insurgents had decided to recognize the Mujahideen.

It is to be noted that clashes between Taliban fighters and the resistance group took place on the second day at Gulbahar, the entrance of Panj Sher, yesterday, in which both groups used heavy and light weapons freely.

Afghan media said the two sides had clashed and accused each other of being the first in the mobilization.

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