Sudanese government blames the military for the “coup” and violence

The Sudanese government on Monday blamed the military for the possible consequences of the coup that the Executive accuses the uniformed men of perpetrating and confirmed that both the prime minister, Abdullah Hamdok, and his wife are missing.

"The military leaders of the Sudanese state bear full responsibility for the life and safety of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and his family. These leaders are responsible for the criminal, legal and political consequences of the unilateral decisions they have made."the prime minister’s office said in a statement.

The note detailed that both the prime minister and his wife were "kidnapped early Monday from their residence in Khartoum and taken to an unknown location by a military unit".

Likewise, the prime minister’s office pointed out that what happened today is considered as "a rupture of the constitutional document and a complete blow against what the revolution has achieved with blood in search of freedom, peace and justice".

The statement refers in this way to the popular revolt that ended in 2019 with the dictatorship of Omar al Bashir, overthrown by the military after months of protests in the streets, and after which the civilians and military reached an agreement to share power during transition.

At the same time, the Ministry of Information denounced that the military "bullets were fired at the protesters who rejected the military coup in front of the General Command of the Army", where citizens have gone in the capital, Khartoum.

In a brief statement, he stated that "Tens of thousands of Sudanese responded to Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok’s call and took to the streets in defense of the revolution and in rejection of the military coup" He added that there are likely to be injuries among the protesters.

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For its part, the Central Committee of Physicians, which has been treating protesters and counting the victims since the revolution, said that so far there have been twelve injured in today’s protests, without offering further details.


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