Success of PcAds, the PcComponentes Retail Media platform, on Black Friday

This 2022 has been a year where much has been said about retail media in the Spanish market, a discipline that is booming and that has come to change the paradigm of brands. In PcComponents They have been on this third great wave of digital advertising for several years with pcadsits Retail Media platform that has made this year’s Black Friday campaign “It has been a resounding success for the brands”They have reported from the company.

«We have doubled the results of last year 2021 achieving a resounding success for the brands that have chosen PcAds to spend their marketing budgets. Not only have we increased the revenue (income) that has been invested in the platform, but we have exponentially improved all the main and most relevant KPI’s that the platform offers»have explained since PcComponents.

Specifically, they have detailed from the company, the sales attributed on the platform by 200% more than in 2021. This has also had an impact on the increase in the turnover of the brands that have carried out actions of pcads during the Black Friday campaign. 120% more products have also been activated on the platform than in the 2021 campaigns.

In addition, the clicks on PcAds ads They have also increased by 220% compared to the previous year, which has generated an improvement in the CTR of the campaigns of the same percentage as the clicks, 200%. On her side, the conversion rate it also scales its results by 50% more than last year and return on ad spend (ROAS) it has managed to take off up to 260% more than in the campaigns that were carried out during 2021.

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In conclusion, and in light of these results, from PcComponents have ensured that «investing in PcAds is profitable and It will allow you to gain scalability in sales as long as optimal management of actions and campaigns is carried out».

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