Home Sports Success in the second edition of the Juli Giner Trophy

Success in the second edition of the Juli Giner Trophy

Success in the second edition of the Juli Giner Trophy

Last Saturday boxing brought out its most beneficial face in the second edition of the Juli Giner Trophy. The former European champion, after whom the event is named, organized a Solidarity amateur evening that had ten fights and raised 5,000 euros for sports scholarships for young people at risk of social exclusion at Premià de Dalt, in Barcelona. It was a success, all the tickets were sold and the benefits of the first edition were exceeded.

Juli Giner knew how to project an idea that was on his mind: a charity evening so that boxing could help young people as it helped him. This is how the Juli Giner Trophy came about. The first edition took place in the summer of last year and raised a total of 4,250 euros which were allocated so that young people in difficult situations from Premià de Dalt could practice sports to get their lives back on track.

The Rock He was champion of Spain, of Europe and became number two in the world. He was one of the most outstanding boxers in the country along with other stars of the moment such as Isaac Real chaka, Abigail Baby Medina either Sergio the little teacher White, with whom he shared a wardrobe during his career with Gallego Prada. Boxing helped make him what he is today and he wants to pass that on to the boys in his town. In addition, he was a sports councilor.

The second edition of the Juli Giner Trophy was a complete success. “We hang the sign: ‘No tickets'”, shared the former European champion. Many people bought tickets to help the cause despite not being able to attend the event. In total, they raised 5,000 euros, more than in the first event. The sports center was full to enjoy the three exhibitions and the twelve amateur bouts, where they participated nine boxers from the gym, two of them scholarship holders, one of them, Mohammed Ali, who made his debut after nine months of training. He managed to win Martí Sánchez over Binod Campi on points in his first big test by fire.

Another of the stories of overcoming that welcomes this evening is that of Biel Martinez, that, with the help of his mother and Juli, he began to practice boxing because of the bullying he received. “I will always remember that day. I told him: ‘Leave the child to me and don’t worry, trust me.’ And this is the result! A boy who is increasingly sure of himself, with more confidence, stronger, mature… He is a very special boy for us. He tries like the most. He is respectful, disciplined… We are very proud of him, the whole team”, explained Giner. Another young man who, thanks to boxing, improves his life. Juli Giner continues to help boys thanks to sport, showing the most supportive side of boxing.

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