The attacker from Malaga will arrive at Mestalla if the signing is at zero cost

The sports management Valencia CF works as a surrogate Gonzalo Guedessince the Portuguese will be one of those sacrificed for this summer market. The order to sell it comes from high above (Peter Lim) and there is no going back. Therefore, it only remains to find his replacement and the coaching staff already has a very interesting name in the folder.

This is the attacker from Malaga Samu Castillejowho has a foot and a half outside the AC Milan. After a disappointing season in the A series, the right-handed winger is getting ready to leave the Rossoneri club and his most favorable destinations are in LaLiga Santander. One of them is the Valencian clubwho has stated that he will take care of his file if there is no need to pay for his pass.

substitute Guedes
The Malaga striker has everything to return to LaLiga Santander, and Valencia makes things easier for him.

Bordalás would accept the signing of Samu Castillejo as the replacement for Guedes

The first to protest the departure of the Portuguese attacker was his coach José Bordalás and he has the right. The man from Alicante was in charge of recovering the level of Guedes at the point of confidence and minutes. The price of the player when the former Getafe came to the bench was only 15 kilos, and now the Portuguese is listed at 40 million euros.

It is precisely because of this increase in its price that Valencia wants to sell it and make an excellent box. Bordalás has already made up his mind that the Portuguese will not be in his squad next season, and in the same way he demands a signing to match. Samu Castillejo’s seems to like him and he would agree that the player from Malaga is the replacement for the Lusitanian.

Samu Castillejo knows that Valencia will not pay for his signing and talks with Milan to leave and be the substitute for Guedes

Castillejo’s contract in Milan expires in 2023 and his base price is 4.5 kilos. Even so, the black and white team refuses to give a single euro for the signing of the Malaga attacker. Aware of the situation, the same player would be interceding through his agent with the Rossoneri sports management, to terminate the contract and give him the letter of freedom.

If things go as planned by the footballer, we could say that Samu Castillejo is a new Valencia player, and that he is coming to Mestalla to be the substitute for Gonzalo Guedes. At the moment the operation is on hold until the end of the season in Serie A, in which the Lombard club is 2 wins away from being crowned champion.


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