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Substitute for Falcao in Rayo, a crack from Levante UD

From the red-and-white squad they hope to add a new player on offense

The Vallecano Ray explores alternatives in the transfer market to strengthen your offensive and from now on they are looking for a replacement for Radamel Falcao Garcia. Although the Colombian striker would be close to renewing with the Rayistas, due to his age they are forced to have a replacement. That is where the figure of Levante becomes important.

Let us remember that the Granota team does not have a good time in LaLiga Santander and is close to leaving for Second. For this reason, several of its players could go to new destinations, especially the most prominent ones. In the sight of those of Vallecas there is a player for the attack.

Falcao Lightning
The injuries and age of the Colombian force Rayo to look for a replacement

From Rayo Vallecano they find Falcao’s replacement in Levante: Roger Martí

And it is that injuries is another element that does not finish convincing Rayo Vallecano with respect to Falcao. The ‘Tiger’ has been out for several games, many of them of vital importance. This has also motivated the sports management to have a new player in that demarcation on their radar.

In this way, the one targeted by the red-haired people is none other than Roger Martí. The Levante UD striker is highly coveted for the performance he has shown at the Ciutat de Valencia. He accumulates 6 seasons with the Granota team, being one of their scorers on several occasions.

Torrent’s attacker could leave Levante if there is relegation

In that order of ideas, it is expected that Rayo Vallecano can make a proposal as soon as possible. Of course, first a condition will have to be met so that they can successfully close the arrival of Torrent. This has to do directly with the future of Levante, since if it fell to Second, it could not support several of its troops.

We will have to wait then for what may happen with the future of Roger Martí. For now, and barring a miracle, the Granotas will play in LaLiga SmartBank next season and that is why Rayo wants to take the opportunity to offer continuity in the First Division. It will be a very busy market for both entities.

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