Submarine crisis: “We could have, we should have done better,” concedes the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken

Three weeks after the start of the submarine crisis, Emmanuel Macron received, Tuesday, October 5, the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken. The latter granted an exclusive interview to France 2, from the OECD headquarters in Paris.

Antony Blinken, the head of American diplomacy, met Tuesday, October 5 with the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. The latter had not met an American official for three weeks, since the start of the submarine crisis. Jean-Yves Le Drian then spoke of a “low-blow”. Antony Blinken calls the French Foreign Minister “a long-time friend”. “We could have, we should have done better in terms of communication”, then recognizes Antony Blinken. “We sometimes tend to take for granted a relationship as important, as deep as the one between France and the United States”, he continued.

The United States seems to want to move forward with France. Both countries would like “a deepening at the level of consultation and communication, but also on coordination and cooperation” around the main issues: the Indo-Pacific, the Sahel and the Euro-Atlantic area. “There is now a very important opportunity following the work entrusted to us by the two presidents to deepen this cooperation, this coordination”, adds Antony Blinken. Regarding China, the foreign minister mentions a relationship “very complex” with “a lot of consequences”, to which he recognizes “aspects of competition, cooperation and (…) conflicts”.

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