Home Sports Sub 20 World Cup: the public clashed with the English boys

Sub 20 World Cup: the public clashed with the English boys

Sub 20 World Cup: the public clashed with the English boys

The Under 20 World Cup is going raising temperature in the last part of autumn and, in addition to the local team, the Uruguayans are the ones who bring a different climate to the contest.

eastern juveniles they faced england for the second date of Group E, in La Plata, and the stadium shone with a large audience, divided between Uruguayans and Argentines. The European rival causes suspicion also for those who are on the other side of the river, and the atmosphere was with the same characteristics as a classic.

The amount of public present forced enable the general stands for the first time, something that had not happened in previous games, because only the stalls sector was entered. The total reached 27,231 viewers.

The first symptom of rivalry was the moment in which the English anthem was sung, which was whistled loudly throughout the stadium. According to reports during the development of the game, a group of ex-combatants from the Malvinas could not enter, due to the possibility of probable incidents.

To make matters worse, due to an organizational failure, it was decided that You only enter through a door for which there were several blocks of queue. As the bad mood and discontent of the thousands of Uruguayan sympathizers grew, since they were wait in the rain for a long time, they had to release the controls so that they could pass with the game already started, and even towards the end of the first half.

The English showed good resources within the field of play, and they put two goals ahead during the first half. Uruguay was able to discount at the beginning of the second part, although the Europeans continued to create danger in each approach.

The nine-minute discount offered again another image to forget: the England players celebrated the third goal asking for silence from the Uruguayan side in one of the stalls, and from there they responded by throwing water bottles. The Uruguayan goalkeeper interceded to ask his followers to calm down.

He mistreatment they received young Englishmen was permanent during the meeting, and they reacted at that moment to such a large amount of insults.

Uruguay’s second goal came near the end, after a Cox goalie mistake when he wanted to retain the ball. But without a doubt, the saddest thing had happened elsewhere, and not because of the result against the Orientals.

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